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CLASS DESCRIPTION    Welcome to Kinbaku-ke, a regular class on the art of Japanese rope bondage held at the V Spot in Shanghai. Classes are dedicated to those curious about getting into Kinbaku, otherwise known as Shibari or Japanese rope bondage. What we aim to do is to provide the right skills and techniques so that people can play around and experiment with rope in a safe and effective manner. Whether you are new to tying, just getting started or have been tying for a while and wish to improve your skills this is a class for you!

In each class we will go through:

  • Basic techniques and principle

  • Safety

  • History of Kinbaku

  • Lots of practice time

This will be an English-taught class, however the instructor can switch to Chinese when talking directly to an individual.


¥158 / person 

¥238 / couple

Discount class packages available. Regular attendance will help to build a foundational knowledge so that you can move onto more advanced rope play

You do not need to come as a couple. it is possible to pair up with other people at the classe. Switching (being both a model and rigger) is highly recommended.

No need to bring a rope.

Classes are limited to maximum of 10 students (not including people who are ONLY modelling)

No visitors allowed in the practice room.


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